AutoQuad is an Open Source firmware project ¹ with closed source hardware. It is aimed at providing a flight controller board with stabilization, dynamic flight and autopilot features. The community can enhance the AutoQuad code. The powerful hardware with a 32 bits MCU and a selection of the best IMU sensors form the base for the AutoQuad flight controller, the possibilities are endless and only limited by the imagination and skills of the coders. Actual Project Timeline

The current code base is targeting multicopters up to 14 motors. However the platform is flexible and can be adapted to fixed wing or single rotor applications.

AutoQuad has recognized the need for specially adapted speed controllers or ESC’s. During the initial project setup, an 32bit ESC is developed: the ESC32. As with AutoQuad, the ESC32 is based on open source code, but closed source hardware. More info on it’s own Wiki pages.

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Un documentaire en langue française peut être trouvée ici

¹ AutoQuad development and license model