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AutoQuad ESC32 Configuration Utility

The AutoQuad ESC32 Configuration Utility (AQ ECU) is the essential software companion to any AutoQuad ESC32 hardware.
Though you still can use the AQ QGC for ESC32 v2, we highly recommend to use the ECU, published by World Design Group.


  • Full, intuitive graphical user interface for all aspects of ESC management, with inline help tips throughout.
  • Connect multiple ESCs at the same time (only limited by available USB/serial ports).
  • Supports all ESC32 hardware versions, including v2 and the new v3.
  • Full ESC parameter management with change preview and import/export options.
  • An advanced ESC Calibration process with a rich interface, which works on all operating systems.
  • View and/or log real-time ESC telemetry data, and chart any available values.
  • Easily arm and run the ESC/motor with various settings, for testing and telemetry data collection.
  • Built-in custom serial console for “advanced” CLI use or diagnostics.
  • Firmware update “wizard” guides and automates upgrades of supported ESC hardware.
  • Looks and runs as a native application on Windows and Mac OS X operating systems (no Java/etc).

More screenshots are available here.


wdg_logo_footerAQ ECU will install and run without any license key loaded.  You may use this mode to verify that the software is compatible with your computer and operating system.  However, connecting to an actual ESC does require a valid license.  Please see the Licensing section below for details about obtaining one.  If you are re-installing on a computer which already has/had a licensed copy installed, your license information will carry over to the new installation.

Full installation packages (for new install/re-install/offline update):

Known temporary issue with the Mac OS X version: the app might crash if logging is stopped while telemetry is still running (will be fixed on next update). For now just stop the telemetry BEFORE you stop the logging.

Incremental Updates:
Included with the main software installation is a separate updater program (this can also be used to uninstall).  Run this utility periodically to quickly check for and install updates without needing to download and re-install the whole package.

If the automated update process doesn’t work or is not available for some reason (such as an offline install), simply download the latest Installer package from the links above, and install it in the same place (folder) as the old version.

For more details about installation and updates, see the Installation page.


AQ ECU is available under two licensing options:

  1. Licensed for use with any ESC32 version (v2 or v3). This license must be purchased from World Design Group directly.
  2. Licensed for use with ESC32 v3 only. This license is included with every purchase of genuine ESC32 v3 hardware.

Both options have the same functionality, except that the 2nd option will only work with ESC32 version 3 hardware.  Licenses are valid for a single user on multiple computers, for any number of ESC32s, and will not expire. You must agree to the End-User Software License Agreement before installing or using the software.

You may purchase a license for use with any ESC32 hardware version on the WDG Product Web Page.

If you only intend to use this software with ESC32 v3, your license is already included with your ESC32 purchase.  Any genuine ESC32 v3 serial number can be used to activate the ECU software. For more details on activating a software license, see the License Activation instructions.

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