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AutoQuad6 Full-Size Flight Controller

AutoQuad 6 is the current full-sized controller option with 14 input/output channels that can be configured for motors, servos, LEDs, audio signalling, and other uses.

Although the older on-board Analog IMU on the V6 board is fully supported in the software, we recommend upgrading AQ6 board to Digital IMU. Besides improving the IMU performance and greatly simplifying calibration, the DIMU expander adds CAN Bus and 2nd serial port to AQ6.

Read more on the DIMU upgrade page. 

Overview with connection mapping

Underside components

The back with 2 DC-DC converters, Ublox GPS module, uSD card slot, and the heart of the system: STM32F407 MCU.

AutoQuad6 component shortlist:

There is NO reverse polarity protection on the AutoQuad
Reversing the voltage polarity will DESTROY YOUR BOARD INSTANTLY!


Take the following steps to get to the first flight with an AQ6 board:

  1. Get all the additional components needed.
  2. Assemble the headers on the AutoQuad.
  3. Download firmware and AutoQuad software.
  4. Install the Ground Control Station.
  5. Flash firmware to the AutoQuad & basic setup.
  6. Perform the static calibration.
  7. Place the AutoQuad on your new frame.
  8. Perform the dynamic calibration.
  9. Perform the calculations.
  10. Upload the calculations and perform final setup to the AutoQuad.
  11. Run preflight tests and continue to your first flight.

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