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M4v1 (r4, r5 beta) Radio Options


Currently the M4v1 offers several options for internal or external radio receivers.
After selecting a different radio you always need to store it and restart the M4!

First Option – internal Receiver

The AQ M4 v1 (beta version r4&r5) has an internal Deltang 7channel DSM2 Spektrum receiver.
To use the internal receiver you need to select it in QGC´s “Config” tab, “Radio & Controls”, upper dropdown list (RC1).

Soldering the Antenna for the internal Deltang Receiver on Beta Boards


You will need to solder a thin isolated wire of ~3.2cm length. 1/4 wavelength @ 2.4GHz is approx 31.25 mm.
This should be measured from the tip of the bare antenna to the start of the ground shield.

Selecting the onboard Deltang Receiver


Select the Deltang receiver from QGC´s “Config” section -> “Radio & Control” as Radio Type RC1.

After selecting a different radio you always need to store it and restart the M4!


Binding the Deltang Spektrum compatible Receiver on Beta Boards

After you power the board, the Deltang receiver will go into bind mode, indicating this status by flickering the green radio LED.


As soon as the flickering starts, switch on your radio in binding mode and wait until the radio LED goes solid.

Check in QGC in the “Config -> Radio & Controls”, if all channels are assigned correctly and if the directions are ok.

Check your Pitch Stick

The Pitch channel often needs to be reversed. In QGC pitch stick forward (nose down) is negative pitch and therefor the bar graph goes to the left. So if you pull the pitch stick (positive pitch) the graph has to go to the right.


Other Options – using external Receivers

You could use external DSM2 Spektrum compatible receivers from Orange (HobbyKing) or LemonRX DSM2 or DSMX.
You can also use external PPM receivers on the same pads.


Note: M4v1 r4/r5 (beta): Due to current restrictions for the 3.3V supply on M4v1 rev4, you can not use both the internal and external receiver at the same time unless the external receiver is supplied from a seperate supply.

Note: Power output on the M4 radio connection pads is 3.3V/50mA max. This is enough to drive a Spektrum satellite and other low current 3.3V receivers. But alternatively, you may need an external 5V step-up voltage regulator, e.g. Pololu U1V10F5 if using a receiver that requires a 5V supply. This stepup can be connected to +Vcom and GND on the expansion headers. Refer to the M4 expansion board section for details (Insert link)




Here are some other options for external radios:

LemonRX DSM2 Spektrum compatible satellite
Orange DSM2 Spektrum compatible satellite
Hitec compatible Minima PPM receiver
Other receivers like Simprop Gigascan Satellite for Futaba
FrSky D4R-II PPM receiver

Modification example to attach step-up regulator
& make it lighter
FrSky X4R S.Bus receiver

Modification to bypass the S.Bus inverter
for direct connection to AQ.
Cheap Transmitters for Indoor Fun


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