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Quatos Getting started

Starting with a reference build

We recommend starting out with a reference build to get started fast and easy with Quatos. A reference build will provide you with a full parts list or a kit with all you need to build and setup a Quatos based machine without having to do a lot of measuring. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to get to enjoy the power of Quatos. The Reference build section is constantly being g updated with new examples.

Varying degrees of “ready to fly” and “bind and fly” crafts will likely also be offered from Viacopter, Flyduino and other AutoQuad retailers. Contact your local AutoQuad dealer for details.

Setting up Quatos for a new craft

After obtaining your license key you can get your craft ready for Quatos you need to follow these 3 simple steps

1) Get your craft moment of inertia & power distribution using quatosTool. You need to edit the example xml file and upload the parameters generated with quatosTool to the flight controller. For more details refer here

New: Online Quatos Tool (also available in QGC v1.6x now)

2) Currently Quatos uses ESC32 set in closed loop mode. You need to calibrate the ESC32 for your motor & propeller. A lot of motor & propeller combinations have been tested already and you could use the numbers from this database.  You can find details about ESC32 calibration here and setting esc parameters here.

3) Determine the thrust characteristics of your propeller. We try to fit a profile of the form Thrust = A1*rpm + A2*rpm^2. A kitchen scale should give you good results. You can find more details and an excel file to do all the calculations here.

Go over the final checklist of parameters and the tuning guidelines here and you are ready to fly 🙂

Quatos & Firmware Messaging

You can check whether you have a Quatos firmware in use (or not) using QGC connected to your AQ.
After restarting the AQ or refreshing the parameters, the upper status bar of QGC should display “Quatos enabled”:


You can also read the messages in the Communication console from within QGC when AQ starts up or when refreshing parameters (note this is an old screenshot — the words “Quatos enabled.” should also show up right after the “AQ FW ver: …” line in the messages):


The firmware version in use will also be displayed in the lower status bar in the “Config” section:




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