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AutoQuad and ESC32 Documentation

Welcome to the AutoQuad documentation project!  This work is maintained by volunteers and is always in-progress.  We hope you find it useful as you learn about the systems and progress to flying.

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If you have any questions after studying the documentation, please head over to our forums!

Here is a quick overview of the products covered here.

AutoQuad 6

AutoQuad Version 6, (AQ6 for short), is a full size board with 14 input/ouput ports for connecting ESCs, radios, LEDs and beepers.  The AQ6 comes standard with analog sensors (AIMU), and an upgrade to fully digital sensors is now available (DIMU).  Recent IMU calibration updates and CAN Bus is supported with a DIMU add-on like shown above.

Refer to the AutoQuad 6 Documentation for more details on this powerful and expandable flight controller.

AutoQuad M4

AutoQuad M4 (AQ M4), is a ultra-small but powerful AQ flight controller meant to control very small vehicles. It has onboard motor drivers for small brushed DC motors and a set of expansion board headers. So with this board and 4 small motors, you can create a pocket-sized quad with full autonomous navigation capability.

Or you can expand the AQ M4 to be the brain of a fully featured aerial photography vehicle with up to 16 motors and all the advanced navigation and position control features that is the hallmark of AutoQuad.

Refer to the AutoQuad M4 Documentation wiki section for more details on building and setting up a M4 based AutoQuad that will fit in your pocket.


ESC32 is the official ESC for AutoQuad. The current V2 version supports closed loop RPM and thrust control as well as high bidirectional CAN-Bus interface with support for up to 16 motor nodes.

Refer to the ESC32 Documentation wiki section for more information


Work in Progress

This is not a plug-and-play project! You have to invest in precise calibration, understanding the science behind the AutoQuad, and give us (the team) time to enhance the tooling and even further improve firmware. The project is far from finished, but the team is flying a growing number of AutoQuads with success. If you invest that time, you will be rewarded with what is probably the best multicopter experience that exists at this moment, without braking the bank.

For example: AutoQuad X8 redundancy test:

The AQ Team

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