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ESC32 Version 3 – the Next Level

ESC32 V3 is a complete new design of both Hardware and software from the ground up. This has resulted in greatly improved performance, efficiency and power potential in the same small small package as the V2


Along with the ESC32v3, a new GUI (AQ ECU) is released with all calibration features and tools built into one simple and intuitive interface. It never was easier to set up, diagnose, test and calibrate your ESC32´s:


Highlights of ESC32 V3

  • Up to 10S and 1500 watts of power with good cooling has been acheived in bench tests.
  • A highly efficient design using very fast gate drivers and FETs, yields a significant increase in efficiency and reduces the need for cooling at low to medium power levels
  • Active freewheeling increases the response, stability and efficiency of your craft by actively braking the rotor during deceleration and converting the rotors kinetic energy to electricity.
  • Real time current limiting eliminates the need for current limiter calibration and provides a user settable safeguard against overload.
  • Improved starting procedure makes it plug and play with most motors. Start voltages and currents can be tweaked to improve starting further.
  • A new drive method secures ultra fast speed transitions without loosing sync, both during acceleration under power and during deceleration under active freewheeling.
  • Improved failsafe support on AutoQuad with CAN; if a motor is disarmed or stopped in flight, the controller will try to rearm and restart the motor.
  • Live telemetry is available over CAN in AutoQuad Systems – Displays for instance Power, RPM and Temperature in the ground control.
  • Improved Buck converter supply circuit for the logic means that its safe to supply the logic side from the main battery.
  • Direct USB support makes it easy to connect, setup, test and diagnose the ESC32 V3 with the new ESC32 configuation Utility (ECU) included with each ESC32 V3


PCB size: 34 x 25.6mm
PCB weight : 5.7 grams
Interfaces: USB, Serial, PWM, CAN
Input voltage range 6 to 42 volts (2-10S lipo)
Nominal max power 750 Watts continous, 1000W peak
Absolute max power 1500 watts
Nominal max current 40A
Absolute max current 50A


Active freewheeling
Live telemetry over CAN, USB or Serial
Real time current limiter
User configurable current limit
Control via CAN, PWM, USB or Serial
Closed loop RPM mode
Servo mode (experimental)
Closed loop thrust mode (experimental)
8 to 64 KHZ switching rates
Improved error handling with AutoQuad flight controllers using CAN control
Improved logic side supply eliminates the need for external 5V supply
Speaker function

The following pages show you how to connect and set up your ESC32v3.

Also watch our growing play list of ESC32v3 Youtube videos


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