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Q4    quad 444mm.HS.KISS.M4.N4

This is a very simple´cheap quad using the new M4 board and N4 expansion board together with KISS ESC´s.

This stiff design waranty being free of frequency coupligs and very low vibration levels, by having a HS (High Stiff) frame done with large section Aluminum bars (16x16x1.5mm) that you can find in any material store very cheap. Center plates are the famous Warthox ones.

The key factor is to design the frame with natural frequency well above excitation frequency. Otherwise you´ll need to take care about combinations frame-motor-propeller and tunning params

In this case we obtian:

  • frame lowest natural frequency: 230Hz
  • motor excitation at hovering (AUW 750g) : 77Hz

This design free of any kind of couplings permits the use of KISS ESC´s with PID control very safely and using AQ deffault params. The result is an incredible flying machine that keeps clamped in space in flight. The performance under very hard winds is absolutelly awesom.

Very suitable for FPV initiation or hardcore testing machine. Used for testing ANDROID Tx system (Tx with your phone!)

Building  details:

  • MOTOR: X-Motor 2208/1100kv
  • Propellers: HQ 8×4.5
  • FC : M4 with N4 expansion board and 35mm GS antenna
  • Alu arms 16x16x1.5mm section, 200mm long. Spray black painted
  • 3D Printed battery suport
  • Weight: 550g empty/ 750g AUW
  • Flight time : 15 min with 2200mA, 3S
  • Rx: Spektrum satellite

DSC_0111 DSC_0231 DSC_0217

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