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Upload parameter files to AutoQuad

You now have generated a parameter file for your IMU. Here is how to upload it or other files containing parameters to QGC:

  • Connect your Autoquad contoller to QGC via Serial or USB – Forgot how?
  • Go to  ‘all parameters’ window.
  • Open the ‘parameter‘ tab,
  • Click on the ‘Load file‘ button in the ‘All Parameters’ sidebar
  • select your param file you created with the calculations:

Once loaded, click on ‘Transmit.’ A successful transmission status message will be displayed beneath the parameters list.

Then click “WRITE (ROM)” to store parameters into flash memory

Finally, if you have a DIMU V6 board or an M4, you can now save the IMU parameter section into EEprom memory.

NOTE: If you have IMU params loaded to the EEprom, the controller will always use these on boot, regarless of what is in the flash memory. Only way to clean out the Eeprom is by loading a default IMU

How to check if upload was successful

To verify if the AutoQuad is actually using your calibration or other params files, use the following procedure:

  • Restart (powercycle or reset) the autoquad controller.
  • Connect Autoquad controller to QGC
  • Look in your params file and find a unique value to compare. For instance IMU_MAG_INCL:
  • Open the “all parameters” tree and hit “refresh”..
  • search for the IMU_MAG_INCL in the IMU section. Verify that shows the same value as from your params file. Some rounding off can take place in QGC, but you should see the same values out to at least 4 or 5 decimals when comparing IMU values:









Now that you are done with all that, you may want to read Calibration FAQ & Additional Documentation and especially How To Determine A Good Calibration Result.

Resetting parameter values to default (“factory reset”)

You can achieve a factory reset in 2 different ways:

  1. Change your CONFIG_VERSION to 0 in the parameterst of QGC, transmit, and write the changes to ROM. After a reboot your values are reset to default.
  2. Create a params.txt file on your SD card only containing the text line:
    #define CONFIG_VERSION 0
    Insert the card into your AQ board and reboot.
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