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Ground Control Station for Android

AutoQuad has an Android-based ground station. Originally based on the coptercontrol gcs by Bart , it is tailored for AutoQuad with some nice enhancements.  You can download the latest version in the AQ site downloads section.

The current version supports:

  • Using Android Bluetooth, USB or TCP.
  • Android 4,x and later.
  • HUD (Head Up Display) with battery voltage, altitude, GPS info.
  • PID settings – display and configure.
  • Access to all parameters.
  • GPS location of AutoQuad.
  • Full screen mission planner with waypoint editor.
  • Text-to-speech — all AutoQuad messages can be spoken!
  • Radio output screen (diagnostics).

The prerequisites are simple: an Android device with Bluetooth, and an AutoQuad flight controller with Bluetooth adapter connected to the FTDI port. Start the app on your Android device, scan for the Bluetooth adapter attached to the AutoQuad flight controller and connect.  If a heartbeat is received, the app will display the connection.

Flight Data

This is your main screed in mission. Location of AQ and its path is displayed on the map.


Waypoint editor


Tap and place a waypoint on the map screen.
Select type of waypoint.


The new waypoint is added.


Press the menu button and Save Mission and/or upload the mission to AutoQuad.

Edit a waypoint:
Selecting a waypoint in the list and a short tap will display the editor. Here you can fine-tune the waypoint with required altitude, time to stay and move to the next waypoint and the type of waypoint.GCS_WayPointEdit

Press the return button to save the changes and continue flight planning.

PID Editor

Every available PID related value can be tuned here .
Please be careful, most values !Do Not! need to be changed.
Select the section here.



Tapping the value enters edit mode:


GCS Settings

The settings menu allows you to change your preferences. Press the menu button on your device to enter the menu, select settings.


Select the Item to change:


Change your preference:



New Version v0.3.36 available here: http://autoquad.org/software-downloads/?did=166

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