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AutoQuad Firmware

A word about firmware versions

As a new project, AutoQuad still has a limited user base. AutoQuad flight controller firmware version is tested by the team and also by the users. When a firmware is adopted and tested by many without issues, we call it a release version and make it available on our download page. That is always the safest option for new users.

Firmware that is placed on our FTP site called experimental is flown by at least several team members, but has not been tested very thoroughly yet. It is by far the most up-to-date, but is hardly tested and is not recommended for new users or persons that are not willing, or able, to do their own testing.

Please make sure that your ESCs/motors are not powered during firmware flashing. Although the firmware should prevent arming, you must take precautions to make sure that motors cannot run during firmware upload.

For firmware update instructions, please check the specific pages for AutoQuad 6 and AQ M4.

To compile your own firmware, read the Compiling AQ Firmware page.

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