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Radio Setup

The current code of AutoQuad will enable the use of Spektrum satellite(s), S-bus receivers , PPM, SUMD and M-Link radios. With Spektrum you can attach one (1) satellite on the main board but if you need extra long range or diversity you can use a Spektrum diversity board that will enable the use up to 4 satellites. The AQ M4 also has a Spektrum-compatible receiver on-board.

Read more about radio connection specifics for AutoQuad 6 or AQ M4.

Setting the receiver type will be done in the ground control station. For that you need to connect the AutoQuad + FTDI to the computer.


  • RC1: Primary radio type on RC port 1.
    • For AQ6 this is the main external receiver port (white 3-pin connector) for Spektrum, SBus, SUMD, and MLink), or Motor Port 14 for PPM input.
    • For AQ M4, this is the built-in radio port (Spektrum or Deltang).
  • RC2: Radio type on RC port 2.
    • For AQ6 this can be Motor Port 14, for PPM input only.
    • For AQ M4, this is the external radio connection for Spektrum, SBus, SUMD, MLink, or PPM.


Select the correct interface and click ‘Save Settings to AQ’. You need to restart the AutoQuad flight controller after setting a new radio interface.

Adjust your radio with subtrim and travel functions to achieve -700 / 0 / +700 for each channel.
Throttle needs to travel 0/700/1400 where 700 is the exact center of the throttle stick.  See below for details.

Multiple-radios modes

If you have both radio ports (RC1 and RC2) configured with a radio type, another option will appear to specify how you wish to use the multiple radios. The two operating modes available are:

  • Diversity — The receiver with the highest signal quality level is used. This is the default.
  • Split Control – RC1 is used for channels 1-18, and RC2 is used for channels 19-36. This could be useful for custom firmware implementations or future releases.

Available radio types

You can select several Spektrum DSM2/DSMX compatible radios, Futaba S-bus, SUMD, (C)PPM and M-Link (Multiplex).

Channel values

Here are the approximate values one should see in the radio output section of the AQ ground station software Radio Values screen:

 Throttle (Ch1) => approx 0/+1400
 Roll (Ch2)  =>  approx -700/+700
 Pitch (Ch3) =>  approx -700/+700
 Yaw (Ch4) =>  approx -700/+700
 GEAR (Ch5, 2-position switch, e.g. cam-trigger or landing gear) => any high/low position
 FLAPS  (Ch6, 3-position switch, flight modes) =>   approx -350/0/+350
 AUX2 (Ch7, 3-position switch, home action) =>   approx -350/0/+350
 AUX3 (Ch8, dial knob, e.g.gimbal tilt, passthrough) => any position

Radio Channel Mapping

Just click on the number next to the channel name and enter the radio channel you want. As always use the Save Settings to AQ button for transmitting and storing the setting into AutoQuad’s flash. Reset the AutoQuad after saving.

Flight Radio Switches

Read more about possible uses of your Radio Switches

Throttle Factor

Get more info on how to adust the Throttle Factor


Check your Pitch Stick

The Pitch channel often needs to be reversed. In QGC pitch stick forward (nose down) is negative pitch and therefor the bar graph goes to the left. So if you pull the pitch stick (positive pitch) the graph has to go to the right.

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