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Eflight MLP4DSM or similar Transmitter for Blade

Using the Spektrum DSM compatible 6channel transmitter module X10EMTX with the M4´s Onboard Receivers

Atm. they only work with the M4v1 betas with Deltang onboard receivers!
Binding with the M4v2 CYRF doesn´t work properly. However they can be used with external Spektrum compatible DSM2/DSMX receivers like the Orange or Lemon satellites



Binding the Transmitter

(also printed on the back cover)

– power the M4, it will go into binding mode when no previously bound transmitter is found, flashing rapidly after 20secs
– push the left (throttle/yaw) stick down, hold it and switch on the transmitter
– keep it pushed for 5-10 seconds and wait until the transmitter beeps, the radio LEDs (green and yellow) on the M4 go solid when binding is complete

Reversing the RC Channels

Yaw, Pitch & Roll are reversed, so in order to use them you need to reverse them. As an example we use the pitch/elevator channel (right stick on a mode2 radio)

– push and hold down the lower pitch/elevator trim button while turning on the transmitter
– keep the button pressed until a series of beeps are heard (about 5 seconds)
– release the trim button and you have sucessfully reversed the elevator stick. To return the stick to normal again, just perform the same procedure while holding down the top elevator trim button.
– follow the same procedure to reverse the roll/aileron and yaw/rudder sticks too, with the left trim button being normal and the right trim buttons being reversed.

Assigning the Channels on the M4 via QGC

Note: for some indoor fun you will only need the 4 basic channels for Throttle, Pitch, Roll & Yaw.
With a special firmware (to be released) you could also use the 5th & 6th channel.

First Option: If you just want to use the basic channels 1-4 you don´t need to change anything in the channel assignment. Note that “Home Action” will always be set to RTH but you can still arm & disarm the M4 and of course fly in manual mode (no GPS).
Stick commands for TARE, Onboard Calibration and “Save to EEprom” will work as well.

Experimental Radio Settings


Second Option (not approved – needs special firmware)
– first move the “Cam Trig” and “Gimbal Tilt” to a non existing channel like 15&16 to get them out of the way
– assign channel 5 for “Home Action” and channel 6 for “Flight Mode” Flight mode will then be set to “manual” by default and Home action will be “set home” position. Pushing the right stick down will trigger RTH then, pushing it again will set a new home point. The red LED on the transmitter displays the mode status: normal mode shows a solid LED and it will start to blink once RTH is enaged.



blade-radion-option2Third Option (not approved – needs special firmware)
This only works on a special firmware with Waypoint Live Recording on the “Cam Trig” channel.
– assign “Cam Trig” to channel 6 and “Flight Mode” to channel 5
– move everything else to non-existing channels or to “off”





Where to buy

Since the MLP4DSM is on the market for some time now you can get a used one off Ebay or other selling platforms. New ones are around 20€ at various stores.

Forum discussion and further info


Eflight-MLP4DSM Instructions
Official Manual for Blade 



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