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AutoQuad Firmware Changes

Note: Only periodic releases are summarized here. For a complete list of changes, please browse the Official AQ firmware repository site.
Note 2: Alternative and continually updated AQ firmware is available from https://github.com/mpaperno/aq_flight_control. Check the “master” and “next” branches. See change list and published firmware builds.  This change list is not being updated for now.

7.1.1852 – EXPR – February 17, 2015

~ New version numbering format now excludes the SVN revision (“r”) number.  New format is  Major.Minor.Build – Label.
+ Add ESC32 CAN telemetry over MAVLink.  Use with AQ QGC 1.6.3 and up.
* Prevent possible firmware crash when performing multiple consecutive calibration/parameter saving tasks via Mavlink.

7.0-BETA r442 b1848 – December 31, 2014

+ Full support for AQ6 DIMU add-on.
+ Added simple onboard compass calibration.
+ Add ability to save calibration via radio sticks.
+ Add setting for DIMU Z orientation (DIMU_FLIP).
~ Improved radio stage 2 failsafe events.
! New RADIO_SETUP parameter introduced, old RADIO_TYPE is deprecated and will be removed in next version.
+ Add Deltang radio type for M4 (Version 1 boards).
+ Add native DSM2/DSMX radio (CYRF chip) for M4 (Version 2 boards).
+ Remote reboot and calibration via Mavlink message added.
+ Improved Altitude hold under poor or no GPS reception (new altitude-only UKF).
+ Added support for M4 v2 boards (aka M4 r6).
+ Added support for external voltage sensor available on M4 v2.
+ Add 9th PWM port and PPM radio support for M4.
+ CAN Bus improvements -Priority queues.
+ CAN remote sensor support added.
+ UART over CAN added (3 new ports).
+ Allow access to 12 PWM ports on AQ PDB over CAN.
+ Add support for Ublox M8 modules.
+ Add CAN OSD support.
+ ESC32 telemetry added (CAN only – logging option requires a high speed uSD card).

6.9-BETA r346 b1638 – February 18, 2014

~ UKF further refined for a 10 percent decrease in UKF computation time.
+ M4 USB device support added with MSC driver for SD-card access via USB.
+ ESC32 Disarm detection and re-arm functions added (CAN-bus only).
~ GPS Quality reports improved.

6.8-BETA r271 b1520 – November 11, 2013

+ CAN-BUS support for ESC32 and AutoQuads with digital IMU added and improved.
+ Full digital IMU support.
+ Simplified Digital IMU Tare calibration added.
~ Improvement to UKF tuning for Digital sensors.
~ Use direct rate control for yaw – new parameter CTRL_MAN_YAW_RT.
! New PID scaling introduced to account for higher ESC resolution using CAN ESCs – PID´s need to be rescaled to new values.
+ USB device support added.

6.7-RC1 r224 b1400 – October 20, 2013

Many changes since the last released version (r100, below).  Only some are highlighted here, check the source repository commits for the full list.  These changes span a time frame between April 16 and August 25, 2013, and most have been implemented and tested for a while now on various platforms.  For the best experience, please use the latest available release of AQ Ground Control Station setup software.

Please note: hardware revision numbers have changed: rev0 (was rev1) is pre-October 2012, rev1 (was rev2) is October 2012 and later.

+ Add logging of all text messages to SD card.
! Gimbal controller now supports tilt passthrough with or without AutoQuad stabilization function. Please do note that this release changes the current behavior of the GMBL_PITCH_PORT setting (see details).
+ Add transparant passthrough for pwm outputs, map any transmitter channel to pwm output.
+ Add pwm trigger function, based on distance and/or time. Press shutter servo every 50m, for example.
+ Add support for M-Link (Multiplex) protocol RC receivers.
+ Add support for GR-HOTT (Graupner) protocol receivers.
* Improve support for newer Futaba S-Bus receivers.
+ Add heading-free mode (aka simple/carefree). See here for details.
! New radio loss stage 2 failsafe behavior (using a “mission”), with new option to ascend to altitude first. Details here.
* Fixes and improvements in SD card drivers & functions.
! New multi-protocol communications manager module. Note that this changes some required parameters — AQ will revert to default comm settings (MAVLink using the primary AQ6 serial header, at a speed of 115Kpbs).
* Improve digital IMU support.
* Increase parameter transmission speed via MAVLink.
* Include support for recent ESC32 updates.
* Bug fixes and other small improvements throughout.

6.6.1 – June 1, 2013

* Important fix for PPM users (radio channel dropout issue as reported here).

6.7-BETA r100 b1066 – April 12, 2013

First experimental release of AQ v6.7 firmware.

+ Add signaling (LED/beeper) functionality (see this forum post for details).
* Improved reporting of actual PPM stream quality in RADIO_QUALTY metric.
+ Add logging of missed frames for Spektrum & PPM radio types in RADIO_ERROR_COUNT.
+ Add digital IMU code (for possible future hardware expansion).
+ Add SPI communications server module.
+ Add timeout while waiting for a quasi-static moment – will allow initialization in non-static environments.
* Minor bug fixes.

6.6.0 – March 16, 2013

Stable release of AQ 6.6 branch. No changes since 6.6r76.

6.6r76 – February 09, 2013

This release focuses on code stability improvements and bug fixes.  Following is a summary of new features and important changes since r43.

* Fix crash when switching radio types from PPM to others.
* Adjust stack sizes to improve stability.
+ Added framework for CAN bus.
* Possible fix for altitude hold w/out GPS.
! Removed predefined frame types (MOT_FRAME)
* Fix issues with setting hardware real time clock.
* Fix Mavlink status/mode values.
+ Add diagnostic data transmission mode for QGC (“telemetry”)

6.6r43 – November 21, 2012

Gimbal changes
+ Added GMBL_PWM_FREQ to set servo port output frequency; default is 200Hz.
! Timer conflict check; prevents servo ports from sharing hardware timers with motor ports.
+ Added GMBL_ROLL_EXPO Experimental expo function, slows down the movements around roll-center; default is 0 (disabled); when set, the GMBL_SCAL_ROLL must be lowered (eg. an expo of 30, will result in a GMBL_SCAL_ROLL of 1/500 instead of 1/70).
! shortened GMBL_PWM_MIN/MAX_ROLL/PITCH param names to GMBL_PWM_MIN/MAX_ROL/PIT to avoid QGC UI/restoring parameters limitation.

Radio failsafe changes
 ! Stage 2 will now automatically descend by setting throttle to 500.
+ added SPVR_FS_RAD_ST2 option for Stage 2 to either remain in PH (0, default) or activate RTH (1) by setting AUX2 channel to low.
+ added SPVR_FS_RAD_ST1 Radio fail safe stage 1 – no options yet.
~ changed a few supervisor messages to be more descriptive.

+ added CTRL_DBAND_THRO to control throttle deadband separately from pitch/roll/yaw deadband; default is 40.
+ added NAV_CEILING to set maximum altitude while in automatic modes; specified in meters, will be relative to the “home” altitude (home+ceiling=max. alt.); default is zero (disabled).
* Fixed mavlink mode value for PH.
* Fixed intermittent failure to read Real Time Clock correctly (fix log file dates).

6.6r37 – October 21, 2012

* Fixes PWM output glitch causing some ESCs flashed with SimonK (RapidESC) firmware to randomly stop sending output to motors.

6.6r33 – October 5, 2012

* Fixes vertical velocity transition problem when engaging altitude hold.
~ Changes for revision 2 boards with new voltage sensor resistor value.
~ Various minor code changes.

6.6r22 – September 25, 2012

+ Working PPM input support for some radios.
+ Radio channel mapping support.
+ New MAVLink status messages added (armed/disarmed, radio loss, mission mode, pos. hold, GPS fix).
~ All mission command types can now be uploaded via MAVLink.
~ Separated gimbal roll/pitch min/max values.

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