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QGroundControl AQ (Windows/Linux/OS X)

V1.7 BETA 3 – Apr 15, 2016

+ Support for new “acro” rate control mode settings and other features provided by firmware updates released April 14th 2016. See forum thread for details.
~ Split “Radio & Controls” settings page into two separate tabs — “RC Settings” and “Control.”
~ Rename some fields in the log viewer to be clearer/simpler (eg. motor and radio channel numbers now start with 1).
~ Clarify magnetic inclination/declination settings.
* Fix scaling issues with PWM port reference images.

V1.7 BETA 1 – FEb 18, 2016

This version provides full support for alternative AQ firmware from https://github.com/mpaperno/aq_flight_control (“master” and “next” branches — see change list and published firmware builds).  It also supports some firmware features still in development as of this writing.  As usual, it is backwards-compatible with older firmware as well. Many new features are only available with the alternative firmware.

~ Finalize new controls scheme layout and functionality, add visual feedback for switch activation, rework RC channels telemetry view on radio setup page.
~ Improve main toolbar status display: show actual AQ-specific flight modes (AH/PH/MSN, DVH, HF, etc), add RC and GPS status, enlarge fonts, set state/voltage/GPS font colors based on status (green/yellow/red), add option to hide buttons, make consistent across all visual styles (native, dark, etc.).  Relative sizes used throughout toobar styling, should support high-density displays (not tested, don’t have one!).
~ Voice announcements of flight mode now also use AQ-specific mode names, and have changed slightly.
~ Reorganize some parameters into new/different tabs, split up Attitude and Nav PIDs/settings, tweak layouts for most compact view.
~ Improve adjustable params setup UI and provide live value preview.
+ Allow waypoints to be accepted from the UAV w/out manual refresh and immediately displayed on the map, eg. when recording live waypoints onboard.  This will essentially keep the onboard waypoints list always updated, including if they get cleared.  (Only the display list in QGC is updated, editable wpts are not affected unless manually reloaded.)
+ Add parameter handling buttons under main tabbed settings window which replicate many of the functions in the Onboard Parameters sidebar (refresh, defaults, flash read/write, SD read/write, local file read/write).  This makes it less necessary to have the sidebar constantly open.
+ Improve Status Details widget: values cleared and disabled when system disconnected, increase GPS info font size, add name of connected system, add GPS H/V accuracy progress bars.
+ Add UI for all new parameters to date.
+ Add new data sets to diagnostic telemetry view (depends on firmware version).
+ Add experimental support for remote action commands (when used with supporting firmware) available from the main menu and in Unmanned Systems widget: land, liftoff, RTH, & set home.  Also “go-to” command by r-click on map view.
~ Improve native styling on Mac (smaller fonts, more space, toolbuttons, etc).
~ Improve startup time by embedding style sheet files in executable.
* Fix comms console not logging messages when hidden.
* Fix the frequent “GPS lock lost/established” messages by adding a wait period of 2s before announcing a change.
* Fix needless delay when (re)loading onboard params to GUI.
* Fix nasty bug introduced in QGC 1.7 A1 which sets up a endless loop when sending waypoints to AQ.
~ Restore Serial port 2 option for M4, update tooltips.
~ Label ESC32 config as for V2 only, disable possibly-dangerous actions when connected to any other version.  Add option to compile QGC w/out ESC32 config widget.
~ Update dfu-util.exe to version compatible with Intel USB3 chipsets (for M4 firmware update).

V1.7 ALPHA 1 – Nov 19, 2015 (WINDOWS ONLY)

This version is primarily meant to provide support for experimental firmware v7.1.1858 features (documented here and published at https://github.com/mpaperno/aq_flight_control), as well as some unpublished firmware features still in development.

+ Add initial version of config UI for alternate flight controls scheme and tunable parameters (on compatible firmware)
~ Update for new diagnostic telemetry messages in AQ 7.1.
* Fix which serial ports are available on M4, and update tooltip.
+ Add GPS TOW field to diag. telemetry data.
+ Add switch config for WP_REC, fix GMBL_TRG switch config.
~ 2D Map now saves maximum update rate setting between uses.
* Fix double separator in UAV flight mode message in toolbar.
+ Serial port connection on Linux should now use udev by default.  Non-root users may need to add permission to rules.

v1.6.3.1 – Apr 24, 2015 (Windows only)

This is a re-packaging of v1.6.3 which includes the logDump.exe program for exporting AQ log files.  All previous 1.6.x distributions were missing this file, resulting in an error when the log export utility was used.  This is the only difference from v1.6.3.

v1.6.3 – Mar 06, 2015

* Fix bug from 1.6.2 with saving Quatos motor mix parameters.

v1.6.2 – Mar 05, 2015

* Fix Thrust Factor A1/A2 settings to allow higher precision, negatives, and scientific notation.
* Updated quatosTool version with fixes for mass offset directions.
* Fix renaming QUATOS params to L1 on old (<6.9) firmwares. ~ Update Polish translation — thanks to Adam (bluuu)! * Fix HUD climb/sink rate indicator direction.

v1.6.1 – Jan 20, 2015

* Fix XML motor mix conversion (quatosTool) — order of generated MM Pitch/Roll/Yaw was wrong.
* Fix native & built-in styles to use relative sizes instead of fixed (scales properly with OS display settings).
+ Add feature to use custom style sheet at startup.
~ Styles are now always loaded from file system (/files/styles folder inside QGC distribution).
~ Misc changes to improve native/built-in styles (e.g. progress bars).
+ Add fields for editing MOT_VALUE* parameters to Misc. Settings (shown only when Quatos enabled).
+ Add radio values show/hide toggle button.

v1.6.0 – Dec 28, 2014

+ Add full support for Quatos configuration parameters, including motor mixing, tuning, etc.
+ XML frame definitions can now be loaded directly into motor mix configuration (no need to use quatosTool separately).
+ Add support for M4 v2, including new radio type and voltage sensor selection.
~ Cleaner dark style, new style options on various platforms, improved Settings dialog.
~ New default widget layouts for each view.
~ Updated log viewer for new fields available in latest firmware, shortened field names, new color legend, added coordinates display at mouse position.
+ Added M4 PWM ports reference image to motor mix UI.
* Fix Google Maps.
~ Serial connection settings now saved/loaded per each port.  Prevents adding same port twice, better sync with Comm. Console widget, and other small changes.
~ Improvements and fixes for several widgets: RC Channels Monitor, MAVLink Inspector, HUD, Status Details.
! Radio channels display on the Radio & Controls screen now tries to default to being off (this saves a lot of resources). Press the Play button to start it.
+ Add ESC Telemetry Widget for ESC32-over-CAN setups (AQ firmware support required, coming later).
+ Add command-line options for deleting and swapping program settings (run qgroundcontrol_aq -h for details).
~ Better notification for parameter value changes that need flight controller restart.
* Fixes and improvements for deleting previously-connected systems or simulation link.
~ Do not load simulation link at startup (can connect it later if desired).
~ Includes updated AQ IMU Calibration utility with fixes for AIMU calibration (QGC 1.3 no longer needed).
! Moved settings file and changed organization and program names — now can be safely run alongside the original QGroundControl from mavlink maintainers.  Previous settings will be migrated to new location automatically. New executable name is now qgroundcontrol_aq.
~ Codebase update for full compatibility with Qt 5 C++ library.  Among other things, this brings improved support for latest OS X versions.  All released builds of QGC AQ 1.6 are based on Qt 5.4.1.
~ Many other small usability and stability improvements throughout!  Overall this release includes 88 code commits, with 1,396 changed files, 71,558 lines of code added and 478,194 deleted.


Android Ground Control Station

V0.3.36 – Oct 06, 2015

* Fixed the message for Quatos tuning values
* Fixed minor bugs
+ Added spline function for Srinath’s Cartos
+ Added new waypoints when in planning screen while AQ is flying
+ Preparing upcoming voice control

V0.3.0 – May 25, 2014

* Fixed parameter input bug
+ Video fpv sudo rights added
+ Video capturing function added!
~ Tested “Follow me” feature
* Updates usb-serial lib (needs testing)


AQ IMU Calibration

V1.01 – Dec 22, 2014

~ Use older (proven) cal and sim3 programs for AIMU calibration.
* Fix saving/restoring window size/position.

V1.0B1 – Sept 4, 2014

Initial release based on version from QGC 1.4


ESC32 Configuration Utility (AQ ECU for Windows/OS X)

v1.0.0 – Sept 2015

Initial Release for Windows

v1.0.1 – Sept 2015

Initial Release for Mac OS X

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