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AutoQuad Software Changes – Archive

Android GCS

QGroundControl (Windows/Linux/OS X)

v1.5.0.01 – Nov 26, 2014 (Windows only)

The release is a re-packaging of 1.5.0 which fixes maps caching for offline use on Windows. It is otherwise identical to 1.5.0.

v1.5.0 – Sept 02, 2014

+ Added support for AQ M4.
~ Completely new serial connection handling code, with support for AQ native USB and device insertion/removal detection.
~ Improved serial port settings UI, with instant refresh when ports added/removed.
+ Add option to refresh serial ports lists on fw update and esc32 windows.
+ Add toggle button to collapse/expand Firmware Update/Onboard Parameters sidebar.
+ Add remote AQ restart capability (firmware build #1740+).
+ Add capability for remote calibration, DIMU settings read/write, & loading default params (firmware build #1760+).
+ Firmware flashing now allows using .bin files and disabling verification, saves preferences, shows more verbose output.
~ Onboard Parameters list makes better use of horizontal space and remembers expanded items after refresh, fixes issues with detecting changed params.
New since Alpha 6 version:
* Fix crash when setting UAV battery options.
* Fix ESC32 connection/flashing issues.
* ESC32 serial settings no longer affect/interfere with AQ serial connection settings.
~ Improvements for use with Quatos generated files.
+ Add support for new dual radio ports setup (with firmware build #1790+).
+ Add DIMU Flip setting (with compat. firmware).
! IMU calibration interface moved to its own application. Included with QGC distributions, launch from new “Other Tools” menu.
! Log file exporting interface also moved to its own application. Included with QGC distributions, launch from Other Tools menu or from log viewer, as before.
! Mac OS X version is built in an updated environment (Qt 4.8.6 on Mavericks) and is now a 64-bit application.  As a result, the Google Earth plugin no longer works and is removed (it is still possible to build 32-bit version with GE).

v1.4.0 – May 31, 2014

+ Added ability to translate the user interface.
+ Add Polish translation from Adam (bluuu).
* Fix default mot_min setting.
+ Add emergency alarm sounds (eg. low battery alert).
+ Add audio alarm and speech announcement/warning when GPS “3D” lock has been established/lost.
* Fix crash when deleting last MAV link (connection).
* and another during QGC startup (possibly only affecting Mavericks).
* and another if trying to start ESC logging with no actual ESC on the serial port.
~ Add default radio type -1 (no radio).
* Fix .params file ext when loading saved params.
* Fix motor mix table rounding errors for Quatos.
* Fix ESC buttons not working after translation.
* Fix # of PWM ports available when SBus/PPM radio type selected.
* Fix for Quatos Tool generated params.
~ A lighter black background for dark theme.
* Add/fix handling for MOT_CANL & add (experimental) support for setting CANH ports also.
+ Add GPS status display to the Status Display widget (under MCU load, radio quality, etc). Shows color-coded fix type, & H/V Accuracy.
+ Add macro to build w/out speech bits, and updated Readme with simplified Linux build directions.
~ Updated all calibration utilities to latest versions, DIMU compatible.

V1.3.0 – January 3, 2014

* Fix ESC32 Direction setting and lower default calibration amps.
~ Reduce minimum width of comm. console and msg. inspector sidebar widgets, and radio setup screen.
+ Restore last used perspective on application start and highlight in toolbar.
+ Add CTRL_MAN_YAW_RT param (AQ v. r256+).
* Fix MOT_MIN/MOT_START param handling.
+ Show radio quality in Status Details widget instead of (redundant) CPU load.
~ Update position of UAV on map before full GPS “3D” fix is established.
* A few other minor functional and visual bugs fixed.

V1.3 RC2.1 – October 12, 2013

+ Add CAN Bus support to motor mixing table setup, including full validation and save/restore from file.
* Calibration calculations now work on OS X (for now, last 4 steps require copy/paste to a terminal, instructions provided within QGC).
+ Add new ESC32 parameters for CAN ID and motor direction.
* Fix PID values converter to include CTRL_MAX and exclude YAW_ANG params.
* Fix CTRL_MAX maximum allowed value setting for fw v6.8.
* Fix possible crash when opening zero-length files.
* Fix creating new .params file during calculations (since RC1).
~ Reformat tooltips to wrap better.
~ Improve external process interactions (calc and flashing) with better error checking and reporting. Prevents multiple processes from being launched simultaneously.
* Fix saving ESC32 “servo” parameters.

Known issues:
! The new ESC32 Direction setting displays incorrect current value (eg. Reverse when it should be Normal). It does, however, save the selected value properly.  This could result in motor direction being reversed by mistake.

V1.3 RC1 – September 16, 2013

+ Add config options for camera passthrough and triggering (AQ fw r214+).
+ Add new log export options for triggering (use new trigger log and optional shutter delay setting).
~ Update speech system for OS X and Linux versions, implement queued speech.
~ Rearrange ESC32 param layout, add connection speed settings, add tooltips to params.
+ Add ability to save ESC32 parameters to file (compatible with esc32.txt format for loading via AQ).
+ Add ability to save/read AQ parameters to/from PARAMS.txt file (same format as used to read/write onboard SD card file).
! When loading parameters from a text file (any format), changes are no longer automatically transmitted to the AQ. Use the save button after loading the file and reviewing the changes (highlighted in orange).
* Fix tracking of changed parameters when loading saved files.
* Fix onboard waypoints view (loiter time and radius were reversed).
+ Add PID values converter for AQ 6.8 (shown on PIDs screen when running fw v 4.8 and using old PID values)
+ Transparently handles renamed CTRL_ALT_SPED parameters in AQ v6.8 (r240), also when loading saved files.
+ Add new MOT_CAN and MOT_ARM params.
+ Add pure ACC-derived roll/pitch to telemetry view (comparing to UKF values can help determine influence of MAGs).
~ Silence “now in guided mode” spoken message (by popular request).
+ Add GMBL_TRIGGER and ACC_BIAS values to log graphing (for compatible fw versions).
* Adjust yaw balance on default coax octo mixes.
~ Use native file open/save dialogs exclusively (vs. Qt ones which are sometimes slow).
* Fix loading .param files with upper case “F” designating floats.
+ Ready for new versions of cal and sim3 once available.

Known issues:
– The “Use CAN Bus” option in Misc. Settings screen is not correct, please ignore it for now.

V1.3 Beta 3 – August 1, 2013

+ Add heading-free channel option to controls setup.
~ Allow higher zoom level in log graph viewer
+ Add map type provider selection to 2D map Options menu (Google, Bing, or OSM).
+ Restore last 2D map type, position, and zoom level on startup.
~ Fix checking if serial connection already established when flashing firmware.
+ Add M-Link radio type option.
~ Fix aborting step 3 of calibration process.
~ Select ground time by default in mavlink graph viewer.

V1.3 Beta 2 – June 19, 2013

~ Fixed available PWM ports bug when connected to fw which didn’t report hardware version.
~ Rewrite parameter prompt dialog to be more accommodating.
~ Fix log file being kept open after plotting.
~ Enable editing IMU_* params in Onboard Parameters tab/widget.
~ Consolidate AQ and ESC32 firmware flashing to Firmware Update tab.
+ ESC32 fw update now automatically tries to detect boot0 jumper and/or attempts to enter bootloader mode via CLI, provides feedback.
+ Show ESC32 fw version when connected, re-arrange control widgets.
+ Implement spoken message queue to prevent overlap.
+ Add spoken warning messages from AQ.
~ Consolidate some spoken messages to be less verbose.
~ Fix voltage warning announcements.
+ Save Comm. Settings window position between uses.
~ Fix Gimbal Expo editable field magnitude.
~ Calibration window layout tweaks for more efficient use of space.

V1.3 Beta 1 – June 13, 2013

Numerous changes in this version, focusing on UI improvements but with some new functionality as well.  Your feedback on this beta is appreciated.  A discussion thread with screenshots can be found here.

+ Updated to handle all AQ parameters as of r182, as well as remain backwards compatible with older fw versions.
+ Added a new “Data” perspective and renamed “Engineer” to “Config.”
! Separated Log and Telemetry views into their own main widget which is shown by default in the new Data view.
~ Re-organized all AQ/ESC settings and calibration tabs into one bar in the “AutoQuad” main widget.
~ The All Parameters and Firmware Flashing have been combined into a tabbed view (which can be shown/hidden using the slider bar).
~ Some parameter fields have been moved around, hopefully in a logical manner 😉
~ Changed many param fields to data-specific entry types (eg. spinbox), with unit labels where appropriate.
! Parameter saving is now centralized — one button will save ALL changed parameters in the UI.
+ Added dialog to confirm values of all changed parameters, and choose which type of AQ memory to save to.
+ Added (semi-descriptive) tooltips for many parameters (not PIDs, yet, sorry).
~ ESC32 calibration improvements for Windows.
+ Integrated new PFD (HUD alternative) from main QGC project.
+ Add/fix ability to connect to multiple AQs at the same time (or one at a time) and view/edit their parameters w/out restarting QGC (select MAV to control from the Select System menu).
~ New toolbar “skin.”
+ Add Qt’s Plastique as a style choice.
~ Improved OS native style to be more usable/consistent.
~ Improved readability/usability of a few widgets (eg. HSI).
+ Add support for choosing port speed when flashing firmware.
+ Add compact view to communication console, for docking on sides.
~ Mavlink data stream rate settings have been moved to a collapsible area under the MAVLink Message Inspector widget (instead of the old All Parameters widget).
~ Fix RC channels display widget and add ability to display > 8 channels (if sent by AQ).
– Removed some UAV buttons/actions which don’t (yet) work with AQ.
~ Disabled automatically opening a UDP port at startup.
~ Improve adaptive UI handling of different AQ firmware versions.
+ Added SUMD radio type option (when available in firmware).
+ More mavlink telemetery rate options (up to 200Hz — YMMV 🙂 ).
~ Allow any number of motors in custom mix frame type (useful for testing individual motors or for unusual setups).
~ Fix default Y6 and reverse-Y6 mixes to even out yaw.
~ Fix crash when deleting last serial connection.
+ Add some altitude output options to AQ log exporter.
~ Many minor style changes and UI tweaks.
~ Some internals have been modified to improve performance, and some unused widgets and code have been removed.

Leaner, meaner, and faster.  🙂

v1.2.1 – April 29, 2013

This is primarily a bugfix release. All users are encouraged to update from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1.

* Fixed bug with saving values from the Radio page (decimals would be converted to integers in Europe).
* Fix saving motor order to custom mix file.
+ Add recommended radio channel values to graph display.
~ Make current radio value more visible.
~ Added some tooltips and changed a few labels in Radio and Mixing & Output screens.

v1.2.0 – April 25, 2013

+ New motor mixing and gimbal/signaling port configuration interface.
+ Add radio channel mapping UI.
+ Add PPM settings UI.
* Fix uploading ESC32 parameters (fw. version 1.4.2 (r13) or lower, or r22 and higher ONLY (r14 through r21 are not compatible).
+ Add splitters to some views.
+ Send param timeout messages to status bar.
+ Log viewer: can now click on item text to toggle selection (not just the checkbox), and added button to deselect all;
+ Add tooltip to selected firmware file/path label;
~ Remove “MISSION” from the AQ comm. console messages.
+ Add RADIO_ERRORS to log and telemetry viewers.
+ Added some warnings when saving settings (nothing changed/AQ not connected);
+ Add radio quality bar graph.
+ Add frequency control and start/stop control to radio value bars (stopping updates frees up CPU time), stores started/stopped state to settings.
+ Add warning about saving to rom & rebooting when switching radio types.
+ Add auto-reconnect after flashing firmware, if was connected before flashing.
~ Stop blinking the connection lost message when deliberately disconnecting from FC.
~ More UI improvements with more flexible layouts for smaller/wider screens.
~ Significantly reduced download package size.

Known issues:
!!! Saving settings from the Radio page inserts incorrect values for computers in European locales !!!
– ESC32 calibration will not always work, recommend using Linux/OS X command-line tools instead.

v1.1.2.b1 – March 31, 2013

* Packaging fixes for smaller download size and better Win XP (& Server?) compatibility.
* Fixed loading waypoints from text file.
+ Added pre-defined motor mixes (in <QGC install folder>/aq/mixes folder).
~ Updated AQ version string parsing/display.
+ Auto-disconnect from AQ/Mavlink when flashing firmware (with warning).
* Attempt to fix ESC32 connections (still not working).

Known issues:
– Not possible to connect to ESC32 for flashing or calibration.

v1.1.1 – February 13, 2013

+ Added display of firmware version of currently connected AQ.
+ Added motor output values to telemetry data view.
* Fix setting ESC32 parameters with latest ESC32 firmware version (r22).
+ OS X: firmware flashing should now work.
+ OS X: parameter generation utilities (cal and sim3) are now included.
~ Removed some unused/confusing widgets and perspectives from the menus.
~ A few minor fixes and UI adjustments. Full change list at source repo .

Known issues:
– Not possible to connect to ESC32 for flashing or calibration.
– Loading waypoints from text file may cause QGC to crash. See this forum post for workaround.

v1.1.0 alpha 3 – January 13, 2013

+ Added voice support for Windows. Should work w/out any additional software installation. Windows text-to-speech settings are a bit hard to find… on Win7 look for “voice recognition” in the Accessibility control panel.
~ Simplified voice notifications — if only one system is connected, skips the “system ID” part of the announcement.
* Fixed widget resizing issue on small screens.
~ Telemetry interface improvements– simplified future expansion, adjustable time window in plot, etc.
* Fixed missing icons on waypoint planner buttons.
* “Fix” Google Earth maps in Mac OS X version (from alpha 2 release).
! Sexy new splash screen.  😉

v1.1.0 alpha 1 – January 5, 2013

This release is based on the latest official QGC version 1.0.2 beta (https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol). This is primarily a “stability test” release to make sure the changes do not negatively affect functionality.

~ A number of visual updates have been made to improve the look/feel of the application.  Should now also look better with light-background color schemes (such as “outdoor” and native styles).
+ Added AQ log export functionality, accessible from the log viewer tab. This is a GUI for the logDump command-line utility (which is included).  Exports to flat text, GPX, and KML formats, with many options (documentation of the various options is embedded in the UI).
+ Added AQ Telemetry view (for use with future AQ6.6 firmware functionality).
~ AQ-specific settings are now saved in QGC shared storage instead of the Aq.ini file. If an Aq.ini file is found, settings are migrated to the new location. This will make it easier to preserve settings between installs.
+ First OS X release — experimental! Does NOT include cal.exe and sim3.exe parameter calculation utilities (calculations need to be done on Win/Linux for now).

v1.0.5 – November 21, 2012

This version is meant to be used with AQ firmware 6.6 r43 and later.

+ Added color code legend to graph viewer.
* Fix heading in mission planning when 0.0 is entered (automatically sets it to -0.0)
+ Gimbal servos can be assigned to ports in the Frame setup window.  The program will warn about any timer conflicts with selected motor ports.
~ Gimbal settings moved to their own tab in Edit Parameters
+ Gimbal servo PWM frequency, PWM Min/Max Roll/Pitch, servo reversing, and roll expo ( see firmware release notes ) can now be set in the new Gimbal parameters tab.
+ Radio failsafe actions and navigational altitude ceiling ( see firmware release notes ) can be set from Special Settings parameters tab.

v1.0.4 – October 6, 2012

* Fixes for cal.exe calibration utility.
~ Mission planning improvements to compliment firmware 6.6r22.


Android Ground Control Station

V0.2.0 – Dec 16, 2013

Note: the new version will run from Android v4.x upwards. Some features like the offline maps require Ice Cream Sandwich or later. Numbering starts with 0.x.0 instead of continuing the previous numbering.

+ Communication is now working via Bluetooth/USB/WLAN
+ Integrated “Path drawing” for mission planning, in Polygon mode und “normal” mission mode.
+ Added default mission-item. If you add a waypoint to the mission, we use this as a template
+ Added “Record me” and “Record Autoquad”, record me is recording the phone positions as mission, walk arround, and recording this positions. Record Autoquad means, The aq is in poshold, and the postions from aq is recorded. There are some criterias active, for recording aq positions as mission item.
+ Home position is set (needs fw changes)
+ Follow me (Lat&Lon) (needs fw changes)
+ Follow me (Lat&Lon&Heading) (needs fw changes)
+ Tap&Go (needs fw changes)
+ Offline maps, use Mobile Atlas Creator, for creating your personal atlas. This is now also possible with satellite pictures from google, bing or other providers. A special version of the Mobile Atlas Creator can be downloaded from our FTP server.
~ Changed communication structure, to implement more than mavlink. Special for future use.
~ If you use absolute altitude, we get it now from google earth calculated. If you edit your mission item, you will see, it has the absolute altitude plus your default altitude.
~ Telemetry, we should now be able to receive and show the telemetry values in “Graphic Tab” on the Flight controller screen.
~ All edit parameter would be send, it’s not longer neccessary to send the parameter from the current tab. If you press once the send to aq button, all changed parameters will be send to the aq.
~ Changed the copter position quadro png with a rectangle.
~ Changed principle of follow me ( aq source changes I will upload soon to the board )
~ In “Planning” the current position from copter & phone will be updated
* fixed bug when tapping on a bubble

v2.5.2 – November 6, 2012

* Fixes copter position offset in mission screen. Easier to set TO/landing position.

v2.5.0 – November 6, 2012

+ New option to log AQ/MAVLink messages.
+ Added MAVLink timeout detection.
+ Added MAVLink connect/disconnect messages.
* Fixed current AQ position indicator in mission screen (also shows heading and altitude).
* Fixed PID background color problem on some devices.
~ Miscellaneous small fixes/improvements.

v2.4.0 – October 5, 2012

~ Major new version release, many UI changes and improvements.
* Fixes mission planning with AQ firmware 6.6r22.

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