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Documentation Updates

August 2015

+ Added new ESC32v3 section
~ Restructured the ESC32v2 section 
+ Added new General Functions section for ESC32
+ Added new section for AutoQuad ESC Configuration Utility (AQ ECU)

March 2015

~ Updated External Signaling page (removed code, add more hookup instructions and status -> signal table). Moved to General section.
+ Added ESC Settings and Calibration page.
+ Added photos showing direct access to motor ports 1-4 on M4 Connectors & LEDs page.

February 2015

~ Split Radio docu pages for M4v1 (beta) and M4v2 (production) boards
+ Added page for Eflight “Blade” transmitters for M4 

January 2015

+ Added a new Wiki page for ESC32 Live Telemetry
+ Added more infos about Quatos FW Messaging in QGC 1.6x
+ Added more infos about possible M4 OSD solutions
+ Added more Reference Builds

Nov/Dec 2014

~ Updated a lot of M4 and Quatos informations to account for new firmware (r441) and software (QGC 1.6) versions.
+ New Firmware Download Wizard
+ New Quatos Online Tool (now also integrated in QGC 1.6)
+ New Quatos License Key Retrieval Tool
+ Added new page for M4 V2 Power Supply and Voltage Monitoring
+ Added new page for the Kisssys Expansion Board
+ Added new Reference Builds for AQ6+DIMU and M4

October 19, 2014

Completed and published a major overhaul of all documentation.  This is the result of dozens of hours of work from our few contributors.  Please let us know how we did, or if you have any suggestions, over at the wiki forum thread.  There are too many individual changes to list, but here are some highlights.

~ Updated a lot of AQ6 information to account for new firmware and software versions.
+ Added new set of pages covering AQ M4 controller.
+ New set of pages covering Quatos Adaptive Attitude Control (soon to be published).
~ Consolidated redundant and scattered information, reorganized some content.
+ New navigation menu and page layout.

July 2014

~ Updated Native HoTT Telemetry info.

May 2014

+ Added Compiling for DIMU instructions.
+ Published Onboard Magnetic Calibration & TARE page
~ Updated General Calibration info

April 2014

+ Published Native HOTT Telemetry for Graupner radios
+ Added more info, downloads and links to the DIMU upgrade page

March 2014

+ Added more info and links to the DIMU upgrade page
+ Added more prominent link to the AQ FTP Server
+ Added info for Bluetooth modules
+ Added info for Arducopter APM or Open Pilot Revo (w/ APM firmware) using ESC32
+ Added CLI info for ESC32 flashing and programming

February 2014

~ Updated info: MAV2HOTT connection illustration
~ Updated info: radio options & radio connections

January 2014

~ Updated info: radio options & radio connections

December 2013

+ Added info on the new Android Groundstation v0.2.0
+ Added new Wiki pages for the DIMU upgrade and the CAN Bus

November 2013

~ Updated Static Log File Analysis page to mention removal of TEMP1 and 2 logs.
~ Changed recommendation for micro SD cards that work best with the AQ requirements.
+ Added M-Link as RC Radio option

October 2013

~ Updated How To Determine A Good Calibration Result (new “part 1” ACC/MAG magnitude check).
~ Updated AutoQuad Firmware page with new hw revision numbers and compiling instructions.

September 18, 2013

+ Added new Wiki page for Waypoint Live Recording

September 16, 2013

+ Added new Wiki page for Log Exporting & Visualizing
+ Added Wiki page for Troubleshooting – Vibration Problems

September 09, 2013

+ Added new Wiki page for Gimbal Passthrough & Event Triggering

August 29, 2013

+ Added GPS Prediction Tool to the GPS Navigation Notes

July 06, 2013

+ Added Delta-8 receiver for CPPM output on the Radio Connections page.

June 24, 2013

+ Added Heading-Free DVH Mode page.

June 20-21, 2013

~ Updated Graupner HOTT SUMD info on Radio Options
~ Updated Spektrum DSMX info on Radio Options

May 09, 2013

~ Updated FrSky PPM info on Radio Connections
~ Updated PPM development status on PPM Notes
~ Updated Failsafe Events to reflect current status
~ Replaced board images of top & bottom view

April 26, 2013

~ Rewrote page Motor Mixing Table Setup

March 21-23, 2013

+ Added a notice to “When to recalibrate”
+ Added link to a tool for Magnetic Declinations

February 11-13, 2013

+ Added some temporary warnings
+ Added  instructional video for the Live Telemetry Support for QGC

January 25-30, 2013

+ Added warnings concerning PPM receivers and possible current problems
+ Added  preliminary video for the Calculations step 1-3
+ Added  preliminary video for the Calculations step 4-6
~ Updated page Development

October 29-30, 2012

+ Added What’s New section for firmware, software, and documentation updates.
+ Added Verifying Sensor Voltages (checking sensors on an AQ board).
+ Added AutoQuad6 Hardware Assembly Guide.

October 6-20, 2012

~ Updated Flight Controller Status LEDs.
+ Added Connecting gimbal servos information.
+ Added How To Determine A Good Calibration Result.
+ Added What are all these numbers for? (explanation of calibration results).
+ Added Calibration FAQ & Additional Documentation section.
~ Updated and re-organized AutoQuad Calibrations section.

October 5, 2012

+ Added Compiling Firmware for revision 2 board

August 2012

+ Added PPM Details page.
+ Added ESC32 Programming page.

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